Profit Performance Review Program

Here’s your opportunity to learn and understand what the numbers in your business are telling you so that you can leverage the understanding for increased profits, more cash flow, and to keep more of the money you earn in your pockets! 

The Good News is that I’ll be doing the work for you!

You no longer have to stare at the financial statements that you pull from your accounting system or receive from your accountant wondering “What the heck is this telling me”?

Every month during the first 5 business days of the month, I will be your virtual financial analyst assisting you in looking at your financial statements from the previous month, making adjustments, and finance projections in order to help you succeed in future months.

I will help to make it all clear for you so that you’re able to make better decisions about your business and as well as be able to use the numbers to generate more revenue and more loyal clients and customers!  The complexity concepts of business finance will seem simple, so much so that it will become fun! You will start to look forward to keeping score in your business!

In order to get the best out of this service, it will require a 3 month commitment!  Additionally, I want to be able to give you exactly what you need in bringing the numbers to life.  I am offering this service to a limited number of clients! So, be sure to sign up soon to reserve your spot!

The monthly financial performance review service will help you to:
• Be in the know in an effort to increase cash, manage costs, and prosper your business
• Learn what the numbers are telling you through understanding the key financial statements
• Know your profitability each month and how to increase it from month to month

• Track your progress each month by looking at your budget compared to what happened during the month
• Learn how to manage your cash and determine how to stay at a positive cash flow level

Areas of focus:
• Profitability

• Financial Health
• Budget to actual comparison
• Is your business heading toward the direction of growth/sustainability or headed toward closing its doors
• Cash flow (do you have a enough cash to sustain your business and support your lifestyle)

Investment range $200-$500 per month depending volume of transactions.  Send an email to for a customized proposal.

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