Virtual CFO Services

As your Virtual CFO our main focus is to help you grow your business to your defined level of success. At Simplistic Financials we believe that the most important role of a Virtual CFO is building a trusting relationship with you. We do this by first to getting to know who you are, the core values of your business, your current and future business goals, what you want for your employees, and the impact you want to make in the world as a result of your business success.

Simplistic Financials becomes the financial manager for your business. We don’t just report the numbers, but we interpret them in a way that’s simple and empowers you to make informed business decisions, run your business with a forward looking approach, and grow your profits.

We utilize a combination of business finance consulting, training, and financial tools/models so that you’re always on top of your financial game! You will have the information you need for knowing the financial status of your business in real-time and the right financial management strategies and processes that are unique to you and your business.

Benefits of Having a Virtual CFO on Your Team
  • More time to focus on doing what you love
  • Peace of mind knowing that a trusted professional has your business core values in mind and want the best for you and your business
  • The accurate financial information at your fingertips
  • Financial clarity and insight
  • Education on the fundamentals so you’re able to make day-to-day business decisions
  • A sounding board to talk through businesses decisions and challenges to determine future financial impact
  • Improved profits and better cash flow

  • Our Virtual CFO services are customized to fit your needs, but may include:
    • Business finance consulting
    • An assessment of your current financial situation, systems, and or processes
    • Part-time CFO services
    • Build financial models
    • Implement financial controls and processes
    • Weekly, monthly, or quarterly financial and performance analysis
    • Budget process development
    • Forward thinking financial strategy, analysis, and reporting
    • Operations and process improvement
    • Cost control and expense analysis
    • Project budget and cost tracking
    • Training for you and your financial staff
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