Antonina D. Geer, MBA is a dynamic and powerful speaker!  Her workshops/seminars/keynotes are sure to challenge you and transform the way you think and approach the money & finances of your business, life, or ministry!  Antonina brings her love for inspiring people to live in abundance on purpose with her financial experience & caring, direct, & engaging personality to the subject of money. She has the unique gift to breakdown the oftentimes complex topic of money & finance in a way that’s simple and easy for you to understand, yet powerful, empowering, and effective!   She does it in an a way that is authentic, transparent, fun, non-judgmental, assuring, but also stretches you to take responsibility and immediate action!  For more information for booking, fees, keynotes or additional topics, contact us.


“Antonia was great. She has the ability to explain things very well and she is very knowledgable. Her spirit is reassuring and comforting. She was very understanding and non-judgemental. Above all she has the correct mindset of money as a whole. Money is our servant, and not our master. She taught us to use it as our resource and tool to fulfill our purpose in life. She takes time to get to the root of the money problem, which is the view of money. Its easy to see that she trully cares about all her clients and is in this to help improve lives”~ Judith J. – a participant in Antonina’s “What’s In Your Money Bank” workshop at the Heal a Women to Heal the Nation Annual Conference

Workshop & Seminar Topics

What’s In Your Money Bank? – Releasing Limiting Money Beliefs That Hold You Back from Financial Abundance

Are you a woman who struggles with moving forward in your purpose due to the lack of financial resources?  Are you a professional woman who is afraid to command a higher salary in your career? Are you a woman entrepreneur or solo-preneur who finds it difficult to charge what you’re worth? Or perhaps, you’re a woman or a woman in business who avoids money and finance all together? Rest assured if this is you, you’re not alone.  In fact, this is very common for women and is oftentimes due to what’s in your money bank (your money belief system), what you believe to be true about money & wealth, and how you relate to money.

In this interactive and experiential workshop/presentation,  Antonina addresses these very common challenges by utilizing a deposit and withdrawal concept to help you discover, become aware of, and work through the process of eliminating limiting money beliefs that hold you back from experiencing the financial abundance and freedom you desire and deserve in business and in life.

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn the type of relationship you should have with money that allows it to flow freely in your life & business
  • Learn what money really is and how it could be used in your business & life to make an impact
  • Simple strategies to improve your relationship with money
  • Learn your financial mindset type and how to leverage that awareness to own your money legacy
  • Walk away with confidence to face your money fears
  • Tips and strategies for replacing limiting money beliefs with abundance driven money beliefs


Financial Abundance Planning: A Different Approach to Money, Budgeting, and Finance in Your Business

Budgeting is such a scary & restrictive word for many women solopreneurs! Add to that overwhelm in dealing with the money matters of your business and life and you have a woman in business who is less confident, afraid to charge what she’s worth, and intimidated with the financial side of business!  Antonina changes all of that with this transformational and empowering workshop/seminar!  This is not your typical boring finance workshop, it is fun and enlightening as Antonina shares her new spin on budgeting, money, and finance by teaching you her financial abundance planning model for your business & life!

You will discover Antonina’s 6 Part System for Financial Abundance and:

  • Learn the foundation for financial abundance by first understanding your money consciousness
  • Learn what 6 elements have to be present in your business & life so that you’re prepared for financial abundance and grant it permission to flow through proper pricing, simple finance systems, and more
  • Discover your financial abundance value needed to create that “more than enough” experience for you, your family, and those you are meant to serve and impact through your business and unique gifts/talents
  • Learn how to easily implement simple financial processes & financial management principles to your business
  • Learn why it’s important to be intentional in the money matters of your business in order to create abundance
  • Discover the real reason for financial abundance in your business and it goes way beyond money


The Financially Savvy Ministry Workshop: Simple Biblical Finance Best Practices for Building, Sustaining, and Expanding a Thriving Ministry

God desires us to be good stewards not only in our lives, but also in our ministries!  There’s no way around it…it takes money to operate and do ministry.  As ministry leaders we have a responsibility to create “more than enough” so that we’re able to serve from our overflow and impact many with our callings and ministries for the building of God’s Kingdom and for His glory!  To do that it’s imperative for pastors and ministry leaders to know basic finance fundamentals and biblical principles for money management in their church & ministries.

In this Workshop Antonina trains aspiring, new, & seasoned pastors as well as ministry leaders on biblically based and practical finance best practices for building, expanding, & sustaining a thriving & prosperous ministry!  She combines biblical principles,  the experience learned from working alongside husband in starting their new ministry, 19 plus years of finance experience & education, and simple tools to equip you for properly aligining the financial resources of your church for Kingdom business.

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn how your money mindset and relationship with money affects the financial resources of your ministry as well as your congregation and those you serve through your ministry
  • How to operate a church in the black without worry of money
  • Know how to align your ministry’s financial resources with the vision/mission of your ministry
  • Learn how to spend where you are and be purposeful in allocating the financial resources that God has entrusted to you and Walk away with a Purposeful Spending Plan designed with your vision and ministry objectives
  • Financial fundamentals to move from building fund to more money in the bank to use for moving your ministry forward
  • A roadmap for confidently talking about money in the pulpit that will empower your congregation to properly manage their financial resources and will inspire them to cheerfully and freely give


From Profit on Paper to More Cash in the Bank

Women entrepreneurs tend to focus a lot on having a profitable business.  However oftentimes when looking at their business or personal bank accounts profit has not converted to enough cash to support their life style. This is usually a result of mindset, pricing, and spending!

In this workshop Antonina walks the entrepreneur through 3 simple steps that are critical to moving beyond profit so that you have more cash in the bank, keep more money, live your purpose, make a greater impact in the lives of others, and live the life of your dreams.  This workshop is interactive with exercises designed to help you think differently about profit & cash, pricing, and the way you spend in business so that you maximize every dollar you make!

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn why profit is not enough in your business
  • Learn what profit really is and how to use it so that you keep more of what you earn as well as make more money
  • 3 finance essentials that must be present in your business to maximize profit for more cash
  • Determine if what you’re charging is priced for profit & structured to support your money & lifestyle goals
  • The financial mindset that ensures and encourages increase in your business and more money in your bank account
Antonina’s topics can also be structured or customized to fit your audience needs as well as for tele-seminars, women conferences/retreats, and tele-summits.  For more information for booking, fees, keynotes or additional topics, contact us.
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