Up-level Your Business Income & Profits

I’m so excited to work with you this month to get you positioned for more money and better profits in your business. I’m making room on my calendar over the next two weeks for entrepreneurs who are not making excuses and are willing to invest to get financial strategy and guidance for their businesses.

Spending 60 minutes with me will provide financial abundance strategies that will aid in your finishing 2014 strong as well as position you for increasing profits and improving cash flow. We will accomplish this together with no fluff, and we will get to work on your most pressing financial challenge or goal so that you can clearly see how to make the numbers work for you, your business, and your dreams.

Only $247 to invest in 60 minutes of financial strategy that will change your business & life!

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Personal Note from Antonina:

If you’re like me, you’ve thought about how quickly this year is going.  You may also be wondering if there’s still enough time to reach the goals that you set way back in the beginning of this year.  Rest assured that it is doable, but it takes planning, following a step by step plan as well as having accountability from a business finance strategist like me to help you map out the money in your business so that you create more than enough for funding your purpose and financing your dream life!

Here’s some of what we will cover in 60 minutes:

  • Pricing, revenue, and cash flow strategies that are aligned with your financial goals
  • Identify one overlooked recurring revenue stream for your business to increase your profits immediately
  • Next steps for improved cash flow and up-level profits


Don’t let another year go by where you’re not making enough money, don’t know the numbers, and don’t have the right pricing to support your vision.   Invest in yourself through this very affordable special to get a clear plan for improved profitability and for more income! I’m here to help guide you through making your money goals for the remainder of the year a reality and creating an action plan unique to you and your business.

I’m only accepting a limited number of entrepreneurs for this opportunity over the next couple of weeks!  Your Investment is only $247

Book your 60-Minute Strategy Session Today

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