Name Your Price Birthday Special – Strategy Session

I’ve been waiting all week to share with you that the second birthday special of the week is “Name Your Price” for a one hour strategy session with me!

Say, what?  Yes, you get to name your price for 60 minutes one-on-one access to me ($250 value)!

Crazy, huh?  But, it’s so what I want to do for you and I believe it’s much needed and many of you have awaited an opportunity for the right time to work with me!  This is absolutely the right time and at whatever price you want!

The really crazy part is that I don’t offer 1 hour strategy sessions anymore.  I only offer 2 hour strategy sessions in which others have invested $497, but you get to name your price.  How exciting!

You get to pay me what you can afford or what you believe a one-on-one hour strategy session with me is worth to you and your business!

Please don’t ponder on this too long, you must act fast!  The name your price sale is only limited to the first 20 people who invest and I’m sure the 20 spots are going to fill up rather quickly!

Your Strategy Session must be ordered by 5:00PM EST on Saturday, October 13th

Here’s how it will Work for your 60 Minutes Financial Abundance Strategy Session:

The focus of your session will be profitability and positive cash flow for your business.  This is to ensure that your business is creating a more than enough experience that generates the income you need for funding your greater purpose and supporting your dream life!

What this means is that we may take a look at your pricing structure, revenue model, cost structure, and yes even work on your financial mindset.   I also want to ensure that you are clear about where you are financially right now and provide you with a set of financial actions that will increase your cash flow, increase your profits, and position you for financial abundance & financial success in 2013.

In the 60 minutes we will accomplish:

  • Determining the number you need to fund your greater purpose or to reach your financial goals
  • Learn how to align the finances of your business to your greater purpose & vision
  • Determine if your top 3 products or services are profitable
  • Discuss ways to increase your cash flow now to get you closer to your 2012 financial goals and position you for your 2013 goals
  • Discuss hidden cash opportunities in your business that will quickly improve your profitability & cash flow in the last 2 months of this year
  • Gain more insight into why or why you haven’t made the money you wanted in 2012
There is a catch though:
  • Before you can schedule your session you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire.
  • You’re also going to have to provide me with some of your business financial data prior to your session.
  • After I review your questionnaire you will have some homework so that we can fully maximize your strategy session
  • Your session must be scheduled between Monday, October 15th and Friday, November 30th!

Here are the order instructions:

Send an email to with the subject line “Name Your Price – Financial Abundance Strategy Session” and in the body of your email include the price you want to pay.  It’s that simple!

Once I receive your email I will send you a link to submit your payment.  Upon receipt of your payment I will send you a questionnaire that must be completed.  Once the questionnaire is completed you will be sent a link to schedule your session as well as any homework I create for you based on you questionnaire answers.

***Please note that this special cannot be used in conjunction with any other sale or membership savings you have.***

I’m so excited for the opportunity to share my gift in this way with you!

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