Financial Mindset Secrets to Advance Your Business Income Tele-Course

For Women Entrepreneurs Who Are Ready for Mindset Transformation in Order to Up-level Their Income and Lifestyle!

Why Does Mindset Matter?

Before one can experience financial success in business she must first become aware of and change her financial mindset.

  • Do you have great clarity around serving your ideal clients and serving the world in an authentic way, but wonder why you’re not experiencing the influx of clients and cash flow in your business that you desire to have?
  • Have you struggled with the fact that you can reap great money rewards and live an abundant lifestyle doing what you love?

When there’s a struggle in your business, oftentimes there’s a struggle in what you believe and expect to be true for about your business and life! What’s missing is the right mindset! When the way you think and what you believe are not aligned with your desires and dreams, you won’t attratct abundance/prosperity into your business or life.

A mindset that speaks contrary to what you want in life and business is usually a result of limited beliefs that were birthed from upbringing and past experiences. Often times this same mindset resonates in the way you manage the money in your business and life.  As a result you may:

      • Not be experiencing the level of income you want to see in your business
      • You may also lack confidence in commanding higher fees
      • Lack the financial discipline that will create more money to live your desired lifestyle and the ability to serve others from a real space.

Sounds familiar? If yes, you are not alone, in fact, many women entrepreneurs have these same challenges and this course will help you to break through them and turn those challenges into opportunities!

Transform Your Financial Mindset, Overcome Overwhelm, Fear, and Anxiety Around Money and Pricing in Your Business

Rest assured this is not your fly by night and full of fluff mindset course! I will teach you the mindset secrets that are proven to help you to generate more money, grow your business, boost client conversion, gain control over the financials in your business, and allow you to serve others genuinely with your unique gifts and talents.

This life changing 5 week experience is structured to empower women entrepreneurs just like you, to actively overcome income barriers by adjusting the mindset and encouraging new behaviors in business. As a result you will gain the knowledge and skill to up-level your income and grab the attention of the right clients, learn the importance of changing the mindset so that you can produce the level of income and cash flow conducive to your desired life style, learn methods for moving past your money blocks in order to feel worthy of charging what you’re worth, and master the inner game and outer game necessary to experience financial success in business.

Is this Course Right For You?

Financial Mindset Secrets to Advance Your Business Income is the perfect course for you if:

  • You’re a woman entrepreneur or solo-preneur who has been in business for 3 years or less
  • You’re serious about taking your business income to the next level!
  • You struggle with moving past your current income level due to limiting money blocks
  • You feel fear, intimidation, and panic when it comes to managing the financial side of your business

If any of the above sounds like you then you’re in the right place and this course will change the way you think, live, operate your business and transform your level of income! However, there’s one catch!  In order to take full advantage of the transformations that will come as a result of taking this course, will require you to be committed to doing what it takes! The mindset secrets, strategies, and tools will not work if you don’t work them and make them a part of your daily life! I’m here to help!

What You Can Expect from This Course

  • Learn 5 common financial mindsets that keep you stuck at your current income level
  • Feel confident in charging prices that reflect value – attracting the right clients who are ready to pay for that value
  • Discover and break through your limiting money belief system
  • Improve your relationship with money to attract more income
  • Identify and eliminate a limiting financial mindset and replace with an abundance financial mindset. To release money blocks that keep you from knowing the numbers of your business
  • Learn and create mindset action steps & affirmations, that are unique to you and your business
  • Learn financial mindset renewal practices designed to help keep you in the abundance way of thinking
  • Learn to be confident in your gift to create a sustainable and profitable business

After this Course You Will:

  • Have clarity about who you are and what you have to offer
  • Take control of the money matters in your business
  • Take full responsibility for creating the business and life of your dreams
  • Feel confident in your gifts and charge what you’re worth
  • Know how to stop limiting thoughts dead in their tracks and replace them with abundance thoughts
  • Operate your business from a mindset of abundance and prosperity
  • Walk away with clear action steps to follow for advancing your business income with the right mindset
  • And much more!

See the Line Up for Each Each Week:

Prelude to Course (Video Instruction) – Why Even Care About Having The Right Mindset For Your Business – right, wrong, or indifferent no matter what mindset you have, it will show up in your business results. Learn why mindset is important in business and why having the right mindset can change your business income. This video instruction will be provided to you one week before the class starts.

Class 1 – The Mind May Be Playing Tricks on You and It’s Keeping You From the Business and Life You Want – you can’t change your mindset until you know what mindset you’ve been allowing to rule your life and business. You have what it takes to take control of your thoughts! In the first day of this course you will find out what I’ve discovered to be the 6 common financial mindset types found in women entrepreneurs.

Class 2: But this is Who I Am and All I’ve Known About Money – sometimes the reasons why we do what we do is because that’s how our parents did it or it’s what we’ve been accustomed to doing, or experiences have taught us to do, but that doesn’t necessarily make it right. Together we’ll use methods for identifying what’s in your money bank (your money belief system), determine if it’s true, and learn ways to release what’s negative and what’s limiting.

Class 3: Ignore the Money and It Will Ignore You – oftentimes we ignore the money aspect of business because we don’t have a respect or a loving relationship with money. In this class we explore your relationship with money and how it is currently affecting your business and what you can do to positively change it to improve your bottom line.

Class 4: Abundance ~ Embrace It, Live It, Be It – there’s more to having an abundance mindset than just thinking it! Prosperity has to become a part of who you are, what you believe, and what you do every day in business and in life! In the last class of this course we’re going to start the process of integrating what is learned in the course into our businesses and lives. You’ll learn how to create abundance financial mindset renewal techniques and financial affirmations that are unique to the business you desire and the life you desire. These will be helpful in creating a daily abundant lifestyle!

Isn’t this Awesome?!?!?! Finally a class designed with you in mind coupled with all you need to get the mindset and money stuff right!

This course will be facilitated at 8PM Eastern Time on:

Tuesday, November 1st

Thursday, November 3rd

Tuesday, November 8th

Thursday, November 10th

For only an investment of $297 You’ll Receive All of This

  • 1 Prelude video instruction one week before class begins
  • Four 60 mins sessions
  • Interactive exercises during each session to help bring clarity to what you’re learning
  • Templates and worksheets created to help you transform your mindset
  • Recording of each class
  • 1 video in between sessions to share encouragement, tips, and accountability
  • 2 weeks after the course – a 1 hour Accountability Q&A Group Session Teleseminar

I Know Unbelievable, Right?!?!??!

Ready To Register? Great, take Action Now – There are a Limited Number of Spots Available! This will not be offered again at this introductory investment! Register today to secure your spot and if you’re one of the first 10 people to register you will receive my new Financially Savvy Business Finance Starter Kit At No Cost to You ($197 value)

You did not come to this page by accident! It’s your time for financial transformation through Changing Your Mindset! I’m so excited about your financial transformation and financial success! I look forward to sharing in this experience with you!

To Your Financial Abundance,

Antonina D. Geer, MBA

CEO ~ Simplistic Financials, LLC

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