Small Group Intensive

Welcome to the Financial Abundance Plan Virtual Small Group Intensive program where for 8 weeks you will learn and implement financial abundance strategies that will aid in your finishing 2012 strong as well as position you for making more & keeping more money in 2013.  We will accomplish this together with no fluff, but actually going to work on your financial abundance plan (how you make, spend, manage, save, grow, and give the money in your business) for the remainder of this year and the beginning of 2013 so that you can clearly see how to make the numbers work for you, your business, and your dreams.

Personal Note from Antonina:

As you know 2012 is almost over and we’ll soon be welcoming 2013.  If you’re like me, you’ve wondered where all the time has gone and may also be wondering if there is still enough time to reach the goals that you set way back in the beginning of this year!  Rest assured that it is doable, but it takes planning, following a step by system for managing the money in your business as well as having accountability from a finance coach like myself to help you map out the money in your business so that you create more than enough for funding your purpose and financing your dream life!

Don’t let another year go by where you’re not making enough money, not keeping track of your money, or having financials that all over the place!   Invest in yourself through this 8-week program to get a clear plan for improved profitability and for more income!  So, that you can do all the things you dream about doing!  I’m here to help guide you through making your money goals for this year a reality and creating a financial abundance plan unique to you and your business for 2013.  In order to create more than enough in your business it must first generate enough income and you must also be able to keep as much of that income as possible.  Exponential growth and abundance will happen in your business when you commit to taking control of the finances!

This Program is Right for You If:

  • You have inconsistent cash flow in your business
  • You are overwhelmed by the financial side of business
  • You have little or no cash in your business bank account
  • You’re serious about taking your business income to the next level
  • You’re making money, but you struggle with moving past your current income level
  • You feel fear, intimidation, and panic when it comes to managing the financial side of your business
  • You have no clue where your money went this year
  • You want 2013 to be the year that you reach and surpass your income goals

What You Can Expect from This Program

  • Get closer to your Q4 2012 goals by paying attention the money
  • Learn how to implement the Financial Abundance System approach to money in your business
  • Align the financial resources to your vision or greater purpose
  • Feel confident in charging prices that reflect value
  • Gain control over the money in your business
  • Gain more insight into why or why you haven’t made the money you wanted in 2012
  • How to make your profit show up more in the bank as cash in 2013
  • 8 weeks of no fluff training with actionable steps that can be applied immediately

The Program Includes:


One week before the program begins Antonina will provide simple assignments for getting clarity around the current financial situation of your business and learning the purpose of financial abundance in your business.  While doing this you will also be working through money mindset work so that you’re prepared for this program.

6 weeks of training and two weeks of beginning to design your financial abundance plan

Week 1 – How You Make Money In Your Business for financial abundance – the focus will be on generating revenue in your business through services & programs that are aligned with your purpose.  This will include determining your most profitable products and maximizing them for more income, establishing value driving pricing structures, and more.

Week 2 – How You Spend the Money In Your Business for financial abundance – we will focus on strategic and purposeful spending that will not deplete or stop your cash flow and investing the money in your business on expenses that bring a return on investment

Week 3 – How You Manage the Money In Your Business to prepare for financial abundance – focus on being prepared for financial abundance through properly managing the money, creating a money process for tracking and monitoring the money.

Week 4 – How You Save the Money in Your Business to embrace financial abundance – learn how you can plan to save for paying business taxes, saving for growing your business, and savings for investing in yourself and reinvesting in your business

Week 5 – How You Grow the Money in Your Business for financial abundance – learn what you can do with all of the cash your business will now be generating.

Week 6 – How to Give the Money in Your Business for Financial Abundance– showing gratitude for your business through giving

Weeks 7-8 – Create a Financial Abundance Plan that is Aligned with Your Greater Purpose & Vision – you will design your financial abundance plan that will allocate your financial resources in a way that creates a more than enough experience for you, your family, and those you are meant to impact

You will also get in this program:

  • Training videos and audios
  • Worksheets and templates
  • 4 group Q&A calls with Antonina for getting your questions answered
  • An accountability partner
Your Investment for this Program:

 Investment Plan A  ~ $297 :


 Payment Plan  ~ $115 today and 2 more payments of $115 every 21 days

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