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You can now keep score in your business with these simple and easy to follow financial statement spreadsheets! Antonina Geer is making business finance simple for the new entrepreneur who may not have accounting software and intimidated by it or for the seasoned entrepreneur who does have an accounting program, but prefer a better way to further analyze the numbers! With the Financially Savvy Business Finance Starter Kit, Antonina has done the hard work for you! All you have to do is read the Business Finance Starter Guide included in the kit, follow the instructions that she’s laid out for you in each spreadsheet, and plug in the numbers! Simple, right!

Get In the Know, Be In the Know, and Stay In the Know by Keeping Score in Your Business with Financial Statements Every Entrepreneur Must Know and Have!

  • No more ignoring the money side of your business!
  • No more of the financials being in a mess!
  • No more cash seeping through the cracks due to not keeping track of the numbers!

Learn the story of your business through the financials (simple balance sheet, simple income statement, simple cash flow statement, and a simple budget)!

Make keeping score in your business fun!

Always know the cash position in your business, your profitability, and if you’re progressing as planned!

Using financial statements and understanding them is a key component of having a business that is rich in cash flow

What You Will Learn from this Starter Kit:

  • The basic fundamentals of each financial statement
  • How to use, when to use, and why use financial statements in your business
  • Which financial information to input into each statement spreadsheet
  • Basic Excel techniques for making the statements work properly
  • How to determine your net profit and what should be reported for tax purposes (should also work with your accountant on this as well)

“I have taken my 19+ years of finance experience and my Excel skills to create simple financial statements, that if used consistently will”:

  • Save you time
  • Make more money
  • Save you money
  • Help you to grow your bottom line
  • Help you to see and correct financial challenges and cash shortages before they are a problem
  • Encourage you to plan with a budget that reflects your goals and objectives
  • Gain the finance savvy to be able to effectively communicate with your accountant, tax expert, and bankers
  • Keep the financials organized
  • Always know how much cash you have on hand every week to run your business
  • Help you to forecast start up expenses and project expenses

What’s Included with this Starter Kit:

  • Basic Business Finance Guide – a basic guide for understand the fundamentals of each statement included in the starter kit – also includes tips for making your use simple
  • Instructions for how to use each spreadsheet
  • Balance Sheet Spreadsheet – for learning and understanding the financial health of your business
  • Income Statement Spreadsheet – for learning, understanding, evaluating profitability
  • Cash Flow Statement Spreadsheet – for learning and understanding your cash position and the changes in cash the occur in your business
  • Annual Budget Spreadsheet – for learning and understanding how to plan for your business and compare you’re progressing  in business each month to what you’ve planned.


    • Start up Expense Budget – a spreadsheet tool to use if just starting out in business and will help you to calculate your start up as well as project expenses
    • Cash Flow Projection – a spreadsheet tool to help you forecast your month-to-month cash needs
    • Weekly Cash Flow Report – a spreadsheet tool to help you know your cash on hand from week to week as well expected cash you’ll receive and payout on a weekly basis
    • Email support – for questions or concerns with your spreadsheets

What Others are Saying About The Finance Starter Kit:

“I have always hated trying to prepare a budget and track my cash flow in various accounting software. However Simplistic Financials spreadsheets are comprehensive and easily to follow and the format is great. The weekly cash flow statement is awesome and I was able to put it to work immediately. Simplistic Financials has given me he tools to stabilize and track my revenue for the remainder of 2011 and prepare a solid financial foundation for 2012. I would definitely recommend to all within my network”. 

Juanita E. Gaynor, President & CEO 

Ellegant Affairs by Juanita, Inc.

“This is a must have for any business owner…new or well established. The program is user friendly and help keeps me on track with my bill payment and other financial obligations, such as accounts receivables, accounts payables. It prepares new business owners for expenses they might incur”.


Wanda Forden

WW Travel

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