What’s Your Financial Vision?

by Antonina on December 16, 2012

I’ve talked to a number of people over the past few weeks during strategy sessions.  One of the common things I’m hearing is that they do not have revenue goals for 2013 or a financial plan.  This means they had no financial vision for their businesses, which in turns manifests in a business that does not support you. Or,  it births a business that has no to low profits.
In order to have a profitable and sustainable business you must have financial vision. If you don’t know how you’re going to make, spend, manage, save, give, and grow the money in your business, then the revenue or profits your business generates will slip through your fingers. [click to continue…]


Year End Momentum – End 2012 Financially Strong

by Antonina on October 26, 2012

I just want to encourage you today to keep moving forward and keep preparing your business for financial abundance & financial success.
It’s so easy to look at the fact that it’s October and get discouraged because you haven’t quite met the financial goals that you set for your business back in January.  I totally understand what you may be feeling right now.  Guess what?  I haven’t met all of my goals, but I know there’s still time to make things happen.  It takes getting focused, preparation, and getting out of your comfort zone to get it done.  Remember, you’re still winning and if you’re not on track to meet your financial goals by 12/31 use that as fuel to build up year end momentum that will carry you into 2013.  Rest assured, it’s ok to adjust your goals if need be. [click to continue…]


You Need Positive Cash Flow to Stay In Business

by Antonina on September 26, 2012

Ever wonder why you have a steady flow of clients, but still not making money? Or, why you have clients that rave about you, but there’s still no money at the end of the month? Or perhaps you’re realizing that 2012 is quickly coming to an end, but even though you’ve had way more business than you had last year, your bank account doesn’t reflect that?

Yep, been there! This usually means that there is a cash flow issue or should I say a cash flow management issue. [click to continue…]

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15 Minutes of Finance is All It Takes

by Antonina on August 27, 2012

In just 15 minutes you can take financial action in your business that will improve your cash flow! Check out this short video on a small business finance tips that any solo-preneur or business owner can implement in business.


Should I Invest In That?

by Antonina on August 7, 2012

We’ve heard it many times before that in order to continue to be successful in business and reach each new height in your business “you must invest in yourself”! Or, we’ve all heard “you can’t expect for others to invest in you and what you have to offer if you don’t invest in yourself”.   I wholeheartedly agree with these sentiments!  In fact, I’ve seen what investing in myself can do for my business as well as for my own personal development.  However, I’ve also seen where investing in the right program, service, or product at the wrong time can cause stress on my business finances as well as personal finances. [click to continue…]


What Does Money Mean for You?

by Antonina on July 9, 2012

Change the way you think about money to change your financial situation.


Remember You Are in Business To Make Money

June 22, 2012

Yes, you are serving through your business! Yes you are a heart centered entrepreneur! But, at the end of the day, you’re in business to make money!

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One Simple Step to Consistent Cash in Your Business

June 11, 2012

Inconsistent revene is one recurring challenge that I see for many women entrepreneurs.  I’m finding though that the main reason for this is the inconsistencies in their revenue model.  I’ve seen it in my own entrepreneurial journey as well, which is why I can share this with you today.  As entrepreneurs we have a plethora [...]

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5 Signs You May Be Running Your Business on Panic Income

May 29, 2012

Does this scenario sound familiar? You know that feeling where you’re so close to getting a client or closing a deal, but then you hear those dreadful words “I can’t afford it” or “That’s more than I was willing to pay”?  Yep, I’ve heard those words too and it’s all a part of the entrepreneurial [...]

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Daily Income Goals: A One Day at a Time Approach to Income

May 22, 2012

I know all of this money and finance talk can be overwhelming at times!  This past week I thought of an approach to the revenue in our businesses that makes it a little less stressful and less daunting.  Oftentimes as entrepreneurs we understand that we have so much promise, potential, and know the limitless heights [...]

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